We always need more volunteers!

You don't need to be a 'professional'; we welcome capable DIY enthusiasts, model makers or anyone with practical skills and especially those with access to machine shop and welding facilities. Our members’ own facilities vary from well-equipped workshops to simple garage benches with a few hand tools but we can usually meet the requirements of our projects by pooling our resources







REMAP projects call upon a wide range of skills. These are mainly electrical,  mechanical and a fair amount of carpentry but other skills are often called upon.  

Most of our members are retired engineers but we welcome anyone in any age group with any of the skills we need.

Our members work as teams or individuals depending on the nature of the project.

At some point,  referrals will often necessitate one or more visits to the client to discuss the problem but there is plenty of scope for members who prefer to work behind the scenes in support of the other members.*

[ * Please note - To comply with current regulations or guidelines applicable to organisations dealing with potentially vulnerable members of the public, we may be required to check character references from applicants who are likely to be visiting clients.]  













Meetings are normally held on the first Monday in the month at St Mary's Hospital in Leeds. The main business of the meetings is allocation of new referrals and a review of progress on existing cases.

Regular attendance at meetings is not essential because referrals can be allocated by ‘phone, email or personal contact. Meetings usually last about one hour and at the present time, start at 3-00pm.  

Our meetings are also the forum for ideas or assistance when members encounter  problems or need advice.   


The Leeds & Bradford Panel also covers Calderdale and Kirklees.


This is a large area and as far as possible, referrals are allocated to minimise travelling time. Travel and material expenses on jobs can be reclaimed.


If you wish to contribute your time and skills, just send us your details by getting in touch through any of the options on our  contacts page. 



Don't be shy, we've all been through the learning curve!