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REMAP has amassed an impressive list of products during its 40-year history. 

The product range encompasses all aspects of life from basic living requirements to social and recreational activities or assistance in the work place. A large selection can be found by clicking on Remapedia  > > > > > > > > > > > > > >



Some typical examples of Leeds & Bradford cases are shown below



<< The 'Magic Spoon'

Due to a congenital condition, our 18-month old client had a severe problem that made eating a frightening experience. It was suggested that if music could be played when he put a spoon in his mouth, he might be encouraged to eat.

A gold plated wire was fixed to a plastic spoon and connected by a flexible lead to control electronics.

A second wire led from the electronics to a wrist strap disguised under a soft toy.

As the spoon was inserted in his mouth, it closed a circuit causing coloured lights to flash in the plastic dome and music to play.

The system distracted him from his fear of eating and proved a great success in encouraging him to feed.


The Barbie Jeep>>

The two seater Barbie jeep belongs to a three-year old girl who has a tracheotomy. It had to be suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Several modifications were made to the original jeep including the addition of a rain canopy and rubber tyres. The original controls were too coarse for the young lady to handle satisfactorily and these were replaced with an electronically controlled drive motor. The drive motor and braking system were then adapted to joystick control.

The battery and ventilator of the tracheotomy pack were accommodated in the passenger seat of the jeep.


<<Adjustable Trolley 

The mother of a young lady with spina-bifida  experienced considerable physical strain when attending to her daughter’s needs on the floor. The trolley was designed with adjustable height allowing easier transfer from a conventional chair and then raised to a more amenable working height. The design had to be as compact and manoeuvrable as possible for use in a domestic environment. The table surface is in three sections allowing sit-up and prone positions.


Recorder >>

An aspiring young musician born with very short index fingers wanted to learn to play her recorder. The problem was overcome by constructing two 'valves' with extended tabs fitted over the index finger holes.

We can now all look forward to her first solo performance with the Royal Symphony Orchestra.


<< Wheelchair / Pushchair   Combination

The family live in a very hilly locality and the young lady in the wheelchair needed some assistance from Mum when going to school. The arrival of a new baby presented the problem of getting the young lady to school and then returning home with the baby. 

The solution was to fix the pushchair to the front of the wheelchair with a detachable mounting assembly. After leaving the young lady at school with the wheelchair, Mum could then return home with the baby in the pushchair.


Wheeled Walker Stabilising Extension >> 


 The client suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and uses a three wheeled walker with gutter arm supports to assist her mobility. 

In certain circumstances she found the standard walker unstable with a tendency to tip forwards, typically when transferring her weight from a sitting to standing position, negotiating changes in floor levels such as small steps or going down ramps.

The problem was overcome by increasing the longitudinal wheelbase of the walker with an extension to the pivot point of the front castoring wheel.  



The client suffers from multiple sclerosis. One of his problems resulting from the involuntary movements of his head was difficulty focussing his vision on text, TV or other specific objects.

The request was for some method of stabilising his head movement sufficient to allow him to resume visually related activities.

A headrest was designed which located under his chin and  supported by a frame extending down to his chest. The whole assembly was held in position by an adjustable cord running round the back of his neck.

The headrest was constructed in aluminium and padded for comfort at strategic points.


The 'Cool Seat' >>

Ryan suffers from a rare skin disease which is aggravated by warm temperatures.  This caused him considerable distraction from concentrating on his work in the warm atmosphere of the school classroom.

Our two members constructed a fan cooled chair powered by a rechargeable battery pack installed below the seat.

The system also needed to be quiet to avoid distracting other children in the class.

The system was sufficiently mobile to move to different class locations when necessary and also stow away for battery recharging overnight.




<< Protective Car Screen

The drivers of a care home car were subject to interference from the backseat by some residents with learning difficulties.

Detachable polycarbonate screens with spring loaded clips were fitted as protection for the driver and front seat passenger.

Because the car was a two door hatchback with forward tilting front seats, the screens were constructed in two halves to allow easy access to the rear seats


The above are just a few examples  of our jobs. Other regular requests have included a wide range of bath and shower tap extensions, window openers, gas tap extensions, safety locks for cookers, etc, etc, etc.


Some have said REMAP means

Remap Engineers Make Anything Possible !

Well, we don't win 'em all but we do our best.